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      Mar Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Provincial Most Influential and Potential Enterprise” and “the Star Enterprise”.


      Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Provincial Most Influential and Potential Enterprise” and “the Star Enterprise”.


      Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Provincial Most Influential and Potential Enterprise” and “the Star Enterprise”.

      Apr Hesteel Tangsteel won the title of “Excellent Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition” by the Nationa-l Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Work Safety and Hesteel Tangsteel had won this award for 7 years in a row.

      Apr Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Logistics Informatization”.

      Apr Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Advanced Enterprise in Financial Settlement in 2013” by the China Iron and Steel Association.

      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Most Reliable and Trustable Enterprise” in 2012-2013.

      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel party committee won the title “the Advanced Primary Party Organization”.


      Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Enterprise with Excellent Credit Standing” in 2012-2013.

      Jun HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Most Reliable and Trustable Enterprise” in 2012-2013.

      Jun HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Most Reliable and Trustable Enterprise” in 2012-2013.

      Jul Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Advanced Steel Enterprise” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Iron and Steel Association.

      Jul HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Advanced Steel Enterprise” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Iron and Steel Association.

      Jul HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Advanced Steel Enterprise” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Iron and Steel Association.

      Aug Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Top 100 Enterprises in Education Unit” and Hesteel Tangsteel had won this award for 6 times in a row.

      Aug HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Top 100 Enterprises in Education Unit” and Hesteel Tangsteel had won this award for 6 times in a row.

      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Model Enterprise in Safety Culture Construction”.

      Sept HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Excellent Enterprise in Quality Management ”.

      Sept HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Excellent Enterprise in Quality Management ”.

      Sept HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Excellent Enterprise in Quality Management ”.

      Sept HBIS Tangsteel won the title “National Excellent Enterprise in Quality Management ”.

      Sept HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Model Enterprise in Safety Culture Construction”.

      Nov Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Civilized Group in 2012-2013” by the Hebei Provincial Government and Party Committee, which is the highest honor of Hebei material and spiritual civilization construction.

      Nov Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Star Enterprise in 2014”.

      Nov Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Civilized Unit”.

      Dec HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Enterprise Management and Innovation”.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel re-won the title “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise”.

      Dec HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Safety Production” by the Hebei Safety Production Association

      Dec In 2014, HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Statistics of Metal Sector in 2014”.

      Dec HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Enterprise Management and Innovation”.

      Dec HBIS Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Enterprise Management and Innovation”.


      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Clean Production and Environment Friendly Enterprise of China Steel Industry in 2012” by the China Iron and Steel Association.

      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel was selected as the informatization pilot enterprise in manufacture of the 12th five-year plan by the Hebei Government.

      Mar Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Superior Enterprise in Enterprise Management and Innovation” by the Hebei Enterprise Association.

      Apr Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Star Enterprise in 2012” by the Hebei Enterprise Association.

      May Hesteel Tangsteel achieved the energy conservation and emission reduction targets and was granted as the “Advanced Enterprise” by the Hebei Provincial Government and Party Committee, Hesteel Tangsteel was the only one steel factory who got the award in Hebei.

      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Model Enterprise in Energy Conservation” by the National Energy Conservation Center.

      Sept In September of 2013, in the Steel Industry Meeting of 2012 in Beijing, Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Advanced Enterprise in Science and Technology of China Steel Industry” by the China Iron and Steel Association and The Chinese Society for Metals.

      Dec HBIS Tangsteel was listed in “Double Hundred Project” and act as the key and model enterprise.

      Dec In the 5th China Green Development Summit Forum, Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Top 10 Environment Protection Enterprise”.


      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Excellent Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition in 2011” by the National Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Work Safety.

      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Model Enterprise in Informatization and Industrialization Integration” by the Hebei Government.

      Feb Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise in 2011” by the China Association for Quality and National Customer Committee.

      Mar In the National Afforestation Commendation Conference in the State Council, Hesteel Tangsteel as the only representative of Hebei province that granted the title “Outstanding Contribution of Land Afforestation” by the National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission.

      Apr In the meeting of enterprise management innovation of 5th Hebei Enterprise Association in 2012, Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Star Enterprise” in Hebei province.

      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel party committee won the title “National Advanced Primary Party Organization in 2010-2012”.

      Jul In the learning activity from the Quality Standard Enterprise holding by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hesteel Tangsteel’s 5S Management was selected as the standard.


      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Excellent Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition in 2009” by the National Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Work Safety.

      Apr Hesteel Tangsteel won the award “National May Day Labor Award” by the China Federation of Trade Unions.

      May Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Excellent Enterprise in Double 30 of Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Targets in 2010” by the Hebei Government and Party Committee.

      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Important Enterprise in Industrialization and Informatization Integration in 2011” by the ministry of Industry and Information Office.

      Jul Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Star Enterprise” by the Hebei Enterprise Federation and Hebei Enterprise Management and Consultation Institute.

      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Advanced Enterprise in Foreign Investment Management” by the Hebei State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Advanced Enterprise in Staff Culture Development” by the Hebei provincial Federation of Trade Unions.

      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Outstanding Contribution for China Metallurgical Science and Technology Progress” by the China Iron and Steel Association and The Chinese Society for Metals.

      Oct Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Advanced Enterprise in 2006-2011” by the Chinese Society for Metals.

      Nov Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise” by the China Association for Quality and the National Customer Committee.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “ Enterprise with Most Social Responsibility  in the 12th Five-Year Plan” at the Chinese Enterprise Innovation and Development Forum was holding by the People’s Daily, the meeting theme was “Focus on China Characteristics and Create Brand Value”, which was the only enterprise in steel industry.


      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Excellent Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition in 2009” by the National Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Work Safety.

      Apr Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei May Day Labor Award” by the Hebei Federation of Trade Union.

      May Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Provincial Star Enterprise in 2009” by the Hebei Enterprise Federation.

      May Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Afforestation Model Enterprise” by National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission

      Nov Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Outstanding Contribution Award of Hebei High-skilled Talents”

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Model Enterprise in national Labor Dispute Prevention and Regulation”, which among three nominated enterprises in Hebei province.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Model Enterprise in Ecological Culture” in the third Chinese Ecological Culture Summit Forum and the Ecological Civilization Construction Forum by the State Forestry Bureau, Ministry of Education, Communist Youth League Central Committee and China association of ecological culture, etc.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Model Enterprise in Culture”.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Advanced Enterprise in Transparent Management”.

      Dec In December of 2010, Hesteel Tangsteel was listed in the first batch of pilot units of “Resource conservation and environment friendly” enterprise by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Science and Technology.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Most Influential and Potential Enterprise in Hebei”.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Top 50 Enterprises in Industrialization and Informatization Integration”.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Model Enterprise in national Labor Dispute Prevention and Regulation”, which among three nominated enterprises in Hebei province.


      Jan Hesteel Tangsteel won “Excellent Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition in 2008” by the National Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Work Safety.

      Feb Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Advanced Steel Enterprise” by the National Ministry of Human Resource&Social Security and China Iron and Steel Association.

      Mar Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Provincial Advanced Enterprise in 2009” by the Hebei Provincial Government and Party Committee.

      May Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Afforestation Model Enterprise” by National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission

      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel party committee won the title “Provincial Advanced Primary Party Organization” by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee; won the title “The provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission Top 10 Primary Party Organization” by the Hebei province state-owned assets supervision and administration of the party committee.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Top 20 Enterprise” in energy saving and emission reduction in the Ninth Economic Forum.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Excellent Enterprise in Enterprise Management and Innovation in 2009”.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Quality Management Award 2009” by the Hebei Government.


      Feb Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Excellent Integrity Enterprise in 2007” by the China Enterprise Association and China Entrepreneur Association, which among the 130 award winning enterprises.

      Mar Hesteel Tangsteel won the title of “Excellent Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition” by the National Federation of Trade Union and State Administration of Work Safety.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Excellent Credit and Reliable Enterprise” by the Hebei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.


      Jun Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Excellent Enterprise in Provincial Quality Management Unit”.

      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations”.

      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Safety Management Advanced Enterprise”.


      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National and Provincial Advanced Enterprise in Transparent Work”.

      Oct Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Civilized Enterprise in 2004-2005” by the Hebei Provincial Government and Party Committee.

      Nov Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Quality Management Award”, “Provincial Famous Brand”, “Provincial Excellent Performance and Advanced Enterprise”.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Star Enterprise” by Hebei Provincial Enterprise Federation; won the title “Provincial Customer Satisfied Enterprise”.

      Dec In 2000-2005, Hesteel Tangsteel keeps the title “National Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work” for 6 years.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title“Provincial Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work”and“the Civilized Enterprise in 2002-2003”by the Hebei Provincial Government and Party Committee.


      Sept Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Quality Management Advanced Enterprise” by the National Quality Management Association.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Star Enterprise in 2000” by the Provincial Management Committee; won the title “National Quality and Benefit Oriented Enterprise in 2000” by the China Quality Control Commission.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Provincial Quality Management Award” by the Hebei Provincial Government.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Provincial Advanced Enterprise”; “Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work in National Metallurgy System in 1997-1999” by the National Metallurgy Bureau.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “the Best Image Enterprise in Hebei Province” by the Hebei Provincial Government and Party Committee.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work; and won the title “Quality and Benefit Oriented Enterprise” by the Hebei Provincial Government.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Hebei Provincial Excellent Group”.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “National Star Enterprise” by the brand competition committee; In 1993, Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Provincial Civilized Group” by Hebei Government and Party Committee.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel keeps the title “National Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work” for 7 years.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “State First Grade Enterprise” by the Enterprise Management Committee and Production Committee of the State Council.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel won the title “Civilized Group” by Hebei Government and Party Committee.


      Dec Hesteel Tangsteel was nominated as an enterprise with “Great Economic Benefit and Great Social Contribution” by the Hebei Government.


      May Hesteel Tangsteel won the award "National Advanced Group"and "National May Day Labor Award" by the National Federation of Trade Union.

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